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CPP Pre-Vet Club 2002-2003

California State Polytechnic University of Pomona
[CSPUP or CPP for short]

Students of Animal Science

CPP Pre-Vet Club Emblem


The president of a pre-veterinary medicine club, a student of Animal Sciences on the Cal Poly Pomona campus in Southern California, approached me for a logo for use during the 2002-2003 school year. The function of the emblem was to designate club members on campus, at meetings, events and at out-of-state nationwide symposiums. Thus, the primary use of this image was for the purpose of matching T-shirts. Veterinary medicine specialties including livestock and equine (large domesticated animals), small domesticated animals such as dogs and cats and “exotics” such as fish, birds, reptiles and wildlife. As a result, the final design reflects students' varied interests within the field.


The design shown in this portfolio, drawn and typeset in Adobe Illustrator, was produced as a steel blue image on a heather gray cotton, as shown above. This single-color design not only saved the students money, but added grayscale versatility for print and stationary use.

Design Influences

The aim of this design is and was to announce in bold collegiate fashion the name of the association and its members’ aspirations. Because CPP undergraduates are mostly in their 20s, the design concept departs from the traditional but cliché reliance on the Greek-inspired medical imagery of the staff and the coiled serpent(s), and instead imbues a sense of spontaneity and fun as illustrated by the stylized animal menagerie emerging from the center of the concentric outer and inner rings. The circular design, as a whole, represent the continuum of intense eight-year study that must be adhered to by pre-veterinary students to reach their target goal — a state-issued veterinary medical license.


This design attracted positive attention for the members of the club, particularly while attending out-of-state functions for pre-veterinary students and their respective associations. According to the CPP club president, this design was a clear standout for the school while attending a national symposium.

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