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Design Choice Communications Portfolio: Coastal Canyons Mounted Assistance Unit logo


This logo design was commissioned to represent an all-volunteer urban search and rescue unit that operates out of Southern California. Members ride horseback and are trained emergency responders. The primary use of this design was to identify members of the organization while engaged in training and rescue work. This meant that the design had to be simple enough to work on a uniform, but specific enough to convey the territory in which members serve.


The logo was drawn and typeset in Adobe Illustrator.

Design Influence

Because CCMAU members train and work on horseback, the design incorporates their mode of transportation. By drawing a mountainous canyon beneath the horse’s neck and jaw, the design conveys the geography the group covers. Similarly, by imposing stylized waves beneath the mountainous terrain, the logo encompasses the coastal region of Orange County, which is where the unit is based. The font was chosen for its readability, whereas the colors in this design are derived from familiar medical uses.

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