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Design Choice Communications


What We Offer

• Print advertising for newspapers, magazines, brochures and direct mail;

• Media and marketing communications;

• Copywriting, editing and photographic ad services for web and print;

• Identity, logo and website design;

• IT assessment and consultation.


Who We Are

Design Choice Communications is an independently-owned business founded by a published magazine and newspaper author who holds degrees in communications and advertising design. DCC provides communications solutions for individuals, organizations and business owners in search of branding, advertising and copywriting solutions.


How We Can Help

Communicating your product, vision and identity in a clear and compelling manner sets you apart from the competition. Competing alongside big businesses and their in-house design departments, million-dollar advertising budgets and pricey PR firms may seem unrealistic for a small- to mid-size business or nonprofit, but that doesn't mean you must settle for less. Design Choice Communications exists to help you make the right impression when and where it counts. DCC is a Southern California company serving the needs of individuals, organizations and small business owners.


Contact Us

Communications Solutions: info@designchoice.net

Technology Services: ses@seservices.net

Design Choice Communications
P.O. Box 6272
Whittier, CA 90609


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